Changing the game
starts with sustainability.

Only 8% of all plastic in the world is recycled, it takes more than 450 years to decompose, and much of it winds up in our oceans. But aluminum is infinitely recyclable, takes very little energy to do so, and can be back on shelves in just 60 days. It seems like a no brainer. 

We don’t know why we’re the first to use aluminum,
but we hope the industry follows.

Solving the plastic problem.

The world’s biggest artists, musicians and sporting leagues are taking a stand against plastic. Some performers are going so far as to ban single-use plastics entirely from their performance venues, and more celebs, influencers and athletes are coming onboard every day. We are proud to be a natural part of the solution.

The awesomeness
of aluminum.

The awesomeness
of aluminum.

The average time for a can of aluminum in the recycling stream to be reincarnated and back on shelves is just 60 days. It’s amazing. Plus, aluminum is literally infinitely recyclable. Plastic, however, is on the entire other end of the spectrum. It can only be recycled two to three times. And rarely is at all. 60 cheers for 60 days.
Aluminum is the most recycled material on earth. It even beats out glass, cardboard and paper. Plastic, on the other hand, is literally the world’s least recycled material. One of the main reasons is because plastic’s molecular composition can’t hold up to recycling. But aluminum? It’s the undisputed reigning champ.
It takes less energy to recycle aluminum than it does to make new aluminum. Or to make a new bottle out of any other material, for that matter. Glass included. It just makes sense all around. And when you reuse a resealable aluminum bottle of Local Weather before you recycle it? Even better.
In an industry built on plastic, we’re proud to be the one and only sports drink bottled with this incredibly resilient material. But we hope we’re not alone for long. In fact, consider this the official invitation to all other brands out there: If you want aluminum advice, give us a call!

Aluminum has been called the sustainability nutrient of the world, and for good reason. Consider that 75% of all the aluminum made since 1886 is still in use. So from a sustainability standpoint alone, yes, [Charles] Hall really did become that benefactor to humanity—big time.

– William J. O’Rourke