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  • The sweet spot
  • Hydrate naturally
  • Nootropically minded
  • Ahhhhh adaptogens
We worked with sports nutritionists to find the sweet spot for how much sugar is needed to give you the perfect amount of energy. Turns out, just 6g of natural cane sugar does the trick. Below that does no good (you needs carbs for energy). But to go above that (like the traditional players with their 28+g of high fructose corn syrup) is overboard. Way overboard.
We all know our bodies need electrolytes to hydrate properly. But not all electrolytes are created equal. Local Weather is packed with electrolytes that really work, like potassium and magnesium from all-natural sources, with coconut water, and pink Himalayan salt. Plus we give you more of them. Keep playing.
Simply put, “nootropics” can help us think clearly, boost energy and increase motivation. While many kinds exist, Local Weather uses L-theanine (an amino acid from green tea – without the caffeine) to improve mental performance and reduce stress. Plus L-tyrosine (from avocados and legumes) to help conserve energy and improve focus. Be sharp.

Adaptogens are neat little plant-like beings that can help our bodies manage stress and maintain balance. We infuse Local Weather with an ancient root from India called Ashwagandha. As it’s known to help calm and soothe, it can help keep us in focus during that high-stakes game of hopscotch, or when simply living life. Return to base.
Premium Sports Drink


A deliciously quenching combination of berries with an uplifting vibe and lip-smacking finish that’s pretty much impossible to drink slowly.

Premium Sports Drink


An orange hydration miracle that’s refreshingly crisp, clean and vibrant. If it were possible to bottle how sunshine tastes, this would be it.

Premium Sports Drink


What did the passionfruit say to the mango? Let’s tango (obviously)! It’s a replenishing dance of flavor that your tastebuds won’t believe.

Premium Sports Drink


WILD is just the beginning! This berry packed sports drink is the mixed berry drink of your dreams. You're going to become obsessed, just don't forget about our other flavors!

Change the game.

We’re all about inclusion, but genetically modified organisms are not welcome here.
No Caffeine
Nootropics give alertness and focus with no janky caffeine downsides.
No Gluten
Local Weather is certified 100%, absolutely, positively gluten free (to the Nth degree).
The ONLY sports drink in an aluminum bottle. Beautifully resealable, reusable and infinitely recyclable.